About Us

Established in 2005 by founding CEO, Mathew Baxter, Echelon is a procurement consultancy specialising in providing advice, support and training to UK public sector organisations large and small, through all stages of the procurement process, from scoping and pre-procurement to contract award and mobilisation.

We have significant experience and expertise in delivering procurement consultancy services and specialise in strategic projects, primarily in the field of asset management, for clients, and their customers, in the affordable housing sector.

Echelon prides itself on developing tailored solutions for each commission rather than using a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work collaboratively with clients, taking the time to understand their business and to find solutions that will improve service delivery.

Innovative models

We’ve developed a number of original models over the years including a ‘lean’ approach to the Competitive Dialogue (CD) route for the procurement of complex, long-term contracts, focusing on key elements of the service in a few concentrated sessions, as well as our Price Per Property and Average Order Value models.

We’re currently working on developing models that are compliant with the new Procurement Act and will be launching these over the next few months.

We’re always looking for innovative delivery models and have created wholly-owned subsidiaries including Celtic Horizons (United Welsh), Templer HomeBuild (Teign Housing), and RHP Home (RHP) providing alternatives to traditional insource/outsource models and creating “one-team” cultures with significant benefits.

Echelon Group

Echelon Consultancy is part of the Echelon Group, which also comprises Pretium Frameworks, Echelon Improvement Partnerships (EIP) and Quantum Training.