Echelon Group

Echelon Consultancy is part of the Echelon Group, which also comprises Pretium Frameworks, Echelon Improvement Partnerships (EIP) and Quantum Training.

EIP is focused on delivering training and sharing best practice and industry knowledge within the social housing sector. It manages Echelon’s best practice and networking club, AMIP, and sector subgroups, focusing on areas such as disrepair and empty homes/voids, as well as the annual Echelon Conference.

Pretium Frameworks develops and manages specialist PCR 2015-compliant frameworks on behalf of contracting authorities operating in the public sector, offering a different approach to existing frameworks and contract arrangements.

The latest addition to the group, Quantum Training, launched in October 2023 to build on Echelon’s training offer. We are working with a number of industry partners to deliver online training programmes for both client organisations and contractors, covering topics such as the new Procurement Regulations and Retrofit.